UNIT4 underpins transformation at Coventry City Council saving over £3M

Coventry City Council provides a wide range of services to over 320,000 citizens, aiming to improve the city as a place to live, work and play. In the wake of the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review and the subsequent funding cuts to the sector that will last for the foreseeable future, council leaders began an organisational transformation programme – ‘ABC’ (A Better Council for a bolder Coventry). ABC (which would be succeeded by the ‘Kick-Start’ programme) would review everything the council d

How CFOs can achieve a strategic role starting with structure

In order for companies to move through the four stages of the business empowerment maturity model, CFOs must create and implement standard processes for the management and analysis of financial data, as well as statutory reporting and other organizational tasks. A standardized data-handling process is the cornerstone of the business empowerment maturity model. It’s also a powerful tool for minimizing the risk and uncertainty that often accompany financial business intelligence. These structured

How CFOs can empower teams to be strategic business players

Increasingly CFOs are elevating Finance’s value to their organization. They are assuming key roles in plotting their businesses’ strategic direction and influencing managers to take decisions to improve performance. They are the ones who have, or should have, visibility of the key financial data their business needs to succeed. But what can the forward-thinking CFO do to cut through the vital day-to-day tasks that can prevent them from acting strategically? In a series of blogs, Unit4 will expla